Trunk/Tailgate/Charging Port Emergency Release Cables

Product area benefits

To enable complex conduits without compromising on system functionality, the choice of conduit is important. Our expertise in cable and conduit design makes us the world leader when it comes to manufacturing and supplying the longest cables found in modern vehicles. Can use bespoke materials or customer specified materials. We have a global supply base for application of international materials and standards.

WR Controls offering

  • We offer mould casting technology to produce cost-effective cable end fittings.
  • With minimal investment and quick routes to design solutions, we are able to offer a wide range of conduits/cables as well as standard fittings.
  • Can use bespoke materials or customer specified materials.
  • Global supply base for application of international materials and standards.
  • Global production, with dedicated window regulator production facility.
  • In order to extend the product’s service life, we offer inner cables with a reduced thickness. Together with the right choice of tube, this provides excellent efficiency and corrosion protection.

Product information

Complete system capability from surface mounted handle to cable mount means that we are the only supplier you will ever need. Wide range of customer specific standardized fittings and a broad range of materials available, such as plastics, wire and steel components and also conduit. Capability for design, prototype, and complete testing to nearly all OEM manufacurers and a global manufacturing presence. 

Functions and Benefits

  • ’Easy-fit’ actuator release.
  • Utilisation of corrosion resistande materials.
  • Provision of NVH solutions
  • Flourescent materials to aid user interface.
  • We have our own mould casting facility to ensure flexibility and maintain quality control.


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A real specialist in control and control cable products

Wherever you need to extend a movement, our control cables come in handy. Every day you come into contact with control cables without thinking about it. They add features that you take for granted. In a vehicle they are used to adjust the ventilation, change the seat settings or control gear changes. Horticultural and agricultural machines have many adjustment options and use control cables. Our technology is also used to control and regulate the speed of a boat.

expectation. sustainable

Thanks to our specialist know-how and flexible production facilities, WR Controls can offer efficient solutions for all applications involving a control cable. By focusing on product functionality and longevity, we have a built-in sustainability philosophy.

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