WR Controls is a global supplier of controls, wires and cable systems for a wide range of applications. We operate in the automotive, marine and industrial sectors. With production units covering a large geographical area, we are close to the market and offer a high degree of flexibility.

Who we are

The history of our company started back in 1961. We are Swedish in origin and have built a global presence over more than 60 years. We are where our customers are, virtually worldwide.

Over the years, we have acquired invaluable experience and unique know-how that come in handy in development processes with our customers. We focus on controls and control cables, nothing else. That’s what we do, and we do it really well. We may well be the best in the world. At least that’s what some of our customers say.

It is a way of life, to be helpful. We empower helpfulness and cares for our customers by presenting cost-effective and innovative solutions. Engage WR Controls early in your projects to ensure optimum qualifications in crafting success.


At WR Controls, sustainability and quality are more than buzzwords – they’re the core of what we offer. We believe there’s depth beyond common perceptions in both aspects. Join us in a conversation where actions speak louder than words, redefining the standards of excellence and responsible practices.


At WR Controls, our commitment to healthy working conditions, fairness, and honesty, along with strict compliance with laws, rules, and regulations, extends globally, underlining our dedication to creating a workplace that prioritizes the well-being of our employees wherever we operate.

A strong partner – locally and globally

At WR Controls, we are highly automated and have cost-effective production processes. This makes us a strong partner, both locally and globally.

Our clientele, comprising multinationals and local enterprises, experiences unwavering commitment and respect in every interaction, setting the standard for our inclusive approach to collaboration.

Contact us

WR Controls Group AB
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+46 (0)321-266 30