Aviation Cables

Product area benefits

Production of high quality mechanical control cables. Our manufacturing program also includes cables for the automotive industry (flexible cables for hand brakes, clutches, injection unit, starters, heating system, hoods) for the aviation industry, so for other applications.

WR Control’s offer

  • Helically wrapped precision cables.
  • A various assortment of pieces terminals and connections.
  • Technical solutions for the various sectors of the industry.

Product information

The mechanical flexible cables of Teleflex Telecomandi are widely used in aircraft construction, automotive, marine, rail industry, in mechanical industries, electrical, textiles, building and in all areas where are required precise controls , easy to operate and at the same time reliable and accurate.

Teleflex Telecomandi produces precision flexible control cables with the application of metal terminals seized at the ends.


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A real specialist in control and control cable products

Wherever you need to extend a movement, our control cables come in handy. Every day you come into contact with control cables without thinking about it. They add features that you take for granted. In a vehicle they are used to adjust the ventilation, change the seat settings or control gear changes. Horticultural and agricultural machines have many adjustment options and use control cables. Our technology is also used to control and regulate the speed of a boat.


Thanks to our specialist know-how and flexible production facilities, WR Controls can offer efficient solutions for all applications involving a control cable. By focusing on product functionality and longevity, we have a built-in sustainability philosophy.

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