WR Controls is a global supplier of cable systems, controls and wires for a wide range of applications. We operate in the automotive, marine and industrial sectors. Our production units aren’t merely dots on the map; they are waypoints of creativity and flexibility, strategically positioned to be close to our customers and markets. We infuse your products with reliable functions, even in the most critical environments.


By our cables and controls we provide a highly efficient and reliable part of the powertrains and comfort systems for several OEMS.

Interior: comfort, handling, release cables
Driveline: shift and release cabels


We offer a full range of products, from the transmission of light movements to more powerful movements with greater torques.

Light Duty Cables
Heavy duty cables
Flexball cables
Controls: mechanical, electronical


Our unique Flexball cable is a standard feature of marine applications. Our range is also supplemented by controls and control cables.

Flexball cables
Controls: mechanical, electronic

A dedicated specialist

Dedicated to controls and control cables, we are true specialists in our field. In the realm of product development, we offer smart solutions—whether refining existing ideas or birthing novel concepts. Our foundation lies in robust knowledge and rich experience, transforming ideas into reliable products.


The history of our company goes back more than 50 years. Over the years, we have gained invaluable experience and know-how that come in handy in development processes.

A customized solution

With the focus on product integration and system delivery, we create total solutions with cost efficiency, reliability and performance for customers as well as end users.



WR Controls works closely with the automotive industry and is part of the supply chain for both light duty and heavy duty control cables and wires. Our focus on complete wire systems with handles/controls for smart product integration gives us a leading market position.


The unique Flexball product line is well known in marine applications, in addition to our range of mechanical and electrical controls.


Flexball is WR Controls’ proprietary control cable system for use in demanding environments where superior functionality and reliability are required.


Controls and cable systems for various applications in the aviation industry, mainly helicopters and small leisure aircraft.

Garden and Forest

WR Controls is a true specialist in lightweight control cables for use in garden and forestry products, for both for professional use and the consumer market.

Special applications

When we talk about wires or controls, we rarely encounter anything new or foreign to us at WR Controls. Our experience and niche product focus make us specialists. Ask us first.

A real specialist in control and control cable products

Wherever you need to extend a movement, our control cables come in handy. Every day you come into contact with control cables without thinking about it. They add features that you take for granted. In a vehicle they are used to adjust the ventilation, change the seat settings or control gear changes. Horticultural and agricultural machines have many adjustment options and use control cables. Our technology is also used to control and regulate the speed of a boat.

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