WR Controls protects our environment by actively working to prevent and reduce emissions. We work using the WR Controls Productions System, WPS, which was created for our own quality control and continuous development.

Quality that will outlast any application

Product development at WR Controls is based on functionality, development and manufacturing knowledge and testing.

Many of our products become embedded and integrated in their applications. In these cases, replacing or repairing our wire is not an option. It just has to work. In addition, it has to last long enough to ‘outlive’ the application in which it is integrated. That’s what we call sustainability.

Products that last longer are better for the environment. At WR Controls, the cornerstone of our sustainability initiatives rests upon smart technical solutions and excellent production quality. Beyond innovation, we engage in an ongoing journey of refinement, ceaselessly striving to minimize the ecological footprint of our products, a testament to our unwavering commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.


WR Controls Production System (WPS) encapsulates the contemporary values, principles, and priorities guiding our daily operations in both the short and long term. These enduring values serve as the bedrock upon which our operations are built, providing stability and resilience. The principles delineate our thought processes and actions in diverse situations, acting as a foundation for selecting processes and methodologies. Optimal choices in working methods empower us to achieve desired outcomes and attain the pinnacle of quality. We refine our approach through insightful analysis of results, employing ’Lessons Learned’ to discern the effectiveness of our methods and identify avenues for continual improvement.


Our aim is to promote ecologically sustainable development and thereby take our share of the responsibility for the environment of tomorrow while at the same time conducting operations in a sound financial manner.

This means that we will:

  • Adhere to all applicable environmental laws, ordinances, regulations and other requirements.
  • Work with environmental objectives and steady improvements.
  • Work to reduce and prevent all types of pollution and minimize the use of raw materials and energy.


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