Automotive Driveline
Gear Shift and Release

Product area benefits

Experience innovation with WR Controls, where research and development unfold in close proximity to our customers. Our commitment extends globally, thanks to our production units and sales offices.

At the heart of our offerings are bespoke cable and wire solutions crafted for automotive applications: driveline, gear shift, and release. Picture precision-engineered cables seamlessly integrating into your automotive applications, ensuring optimal performance and precision. Our commitment to quality extends beyond borders, offering a global production platform to bring these cutting-edge solutions to life.

WR Control’s offer

  • Capability for design, prototype, and complete testing to OEM manufacurers.
  • Global manufacturing presence for series demands of our customers.

  • Engineering resources in all major markets.

  • Global logistics capability.

A real specialist in control and control cable products

Wherever you need to extend a movement, our control cables come in handy. Every day you come into contact with control cables without thinking about it. They add features that you take for granted. In a vehicle they are used to adjust the ventilation, change the seat settings or control gear changes. Horticultural and agricultural machines have many adjustment options and use control cables. Our technology is also used to control and regulate the speed of a boat.


Thanks to our specialist know-how and flexible production facilities, WR Controls can offer efficient solutions for all applications involving a control cable. By focusing on product functionality and longevity, we have a built-in sustainability philosophy.

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