WR Controls is a global supplier of controls, wires and cable systems for a wide range of applications. We operate in the automotive, marine and industrial sectors. With production units covering a large geographical area, we are close to the market and offer a high degree of flexibility.

Business areas


WR Controls works across the entire spectrum from powertrains with heavy duty cables to comfort, control and functional applications in the interior vehicle environment.


With our unique, patented Flexball system, we are a well-known supplier of marine steering and control systems, both mechanical and electrical.


Control cables and wire systems are used in a very wide range of applications. For decades, we have been supplying multiple industries in a wide range of applications.


Controls and cable systems for various applications in the aviation industry, mainly helicopters and small leisure aircraft.

In control. Standby if that happens. Reliable when it matters.

Discover the versatility. We are specialists in control cables and controls for vehicles, machinery, and industrial applications – wherever an extension of movement is needed.

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