At WR Controls, we value our employees, our environmental work and our ethical way of working. Read about our focus and our vision for the future below.

Core Values


WR Controls respects internationally proclaimed human rights and makes sure that our activities are not complicit in human rights abuses. We apply sound labour practices and maintain high standards concerning health and safety in the workplaces.


Our aim is to minimize our impact on the enironment and promote ecologically sustainable development. We have a responsibility for the environment and work to reduce and prevent all types of pollution.


We uphold and promote business ethics of high standards. We work against corruption in all its forms. We impose demands of honesty and honor throughout our operations.

Business Strategy

The WR Controls Group develops and manufactures control cables for vehicle, industrial and marine applications. These products are manufactured and marketed all over the world. The Group’s objectives are to be profitable and to meet our customers’ requirements.

We like being involved in product development work and can add valuable experience, technical solutions and methods to simplify the process at an early stage. If we are involved early on, we can help optimise the functionality of the product and make production adjustments. By simplifying operations with the focus on both minimising environmental impact and creating cost efficiencies, the benefits are twofold.


The WR Controls Group is a global strategic partner in the areas of vehicle, industry and marine. Through our strong brand, the WR Controls Group is an internationally leading supplier of mechanical and electronic control systems.

We are responsive to market requirements and demand. Sustainability permeates everything we do, including a robust approach to product quality. Of course, it also involves material and product development to minimise environmental impact, both in terms of material and weight reduction and choosing alternative new materials.

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